Upcoming Events And Ideas

The last few days have been extremely busy for me.  My birthday was on Friday (May 24th), on Saturday (May 25th) I had to clean up the house for the guests coming to my daughter’s birthday party which was on Sunday (May 26th), her actual birthday as well as Memorial Day was on Monday (May 27th), and I had to do a crazy amount of clean up on Tuesday (May 28th).  All of this has left me with almost no time to write or post.  I have a few short stories and flash fiction pieces in the works, but I need some time to get them polished up before I can post them.

As of right now I am also participating in a “Desert Island” shaving week over at The Shave Den.  This is a week in which you pick one set of products and stick with those products.  It’s an excellent way to really get to know and appreciate a particular combination of products, but it means that my Shave Of The Day posts would be pretty repetitive.  So, instead of regular SOTD post, when the week is over I will post a sort of short story/journal of life on a desert island with only my shaving gear to keep me feeling civilized and connecting me back to reality.  It’ll be a sort of long form J. Peterman catalogue for shaving gear and it should be fairly entertaining.

What all of that means is that right now there is a lot of dead air on this blog and I do not have much to fill the space with.  To help give me a little breathing room and to give you fine folks something informative and entertaining, I will be posting some product reviews.  Shave soaps, shaving creams, after shaves, preshave, etc.  I am hoping to give you folks some insight into the various products that I use as well as a way to keep you coming back until I have more robust offerings.  I hope that you’ll enjoy the reviews and that you will look forward to my upcoming posts and stories.


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