My Life With The SE Kult

This is day two of the great single edge safety razor experiment.  I have discovered a few tid-bits and tips in regards to properly using SE razors which should make for a better experience.  I’m also moving on to the next SE razor in my arsenal, the Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf with the same Gem stainless steel blade that I used yesterday. I’ll also be trying out the TSD Lemons and Figs lanolin soap with my EMJ synthetic brush. I’m a little hesitant about this soap because the few TSD soaps that I have used in the past have not worked well for me, but none of them have been of the lanolin variety. The Lemons and Figs feels completely different from the the other TSD soaps I have tried and it smells great, so I have high hopes.

For this shave, because my skin is still a little tender from yesterday I only did a two pass with the grain/against the grain shave followed by a cold water rinse and some SAL Alum.

This shave was an improvement over yesterday, but it was still not quite where I need it to be quality wise.As my technique improves I hope to be able to pull of shaves with SE razors as effortlessly as I do with DE razors.  As of right now using an SE takes me almost as long as using a disposable blade straight razor and results in irritation and some slight frustration.

Even after loading my brush up fairly heavily, the TSD Lemons and Figs soap lathered up a bit thin, but it did the job and smelled nice through out the shave. I will experiment with it and see if I can’t get it to come out properly in the future.

I made sure to keep the Clog Pruf’s head flat against my skin, rather than using the guard as a land mark, and kept a closer eye on my angle, but I still got some moderate irritation and a small nick. My technique with SE razors still needs work, but I’m improving and I look forward to mastering these beasts.  I would not quite call this a damn fine shave, but it’s close.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf
Blade: Gem stainless steel
Brush: Every Man Jack synthetic
Soap: The Shave Den Lemons and Figs lanolin
Post: Cold water rinse and SAL Alum



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