Superlathering on a Monday

Superlathers are a nice way to combine the best qualities of two different products.  You take some shave cream, toss it onto a puck of soap and lather the two products together.  Superlathers are also a good way to get an underperforming product to come alive.  Have you got a weak smelling soap that lathers well, but isn’t very slick?  Add some Kiss My Face Key Lime shave cream and make that lather work!  Is that glycerin soap super slick, but not very moisturizing?  Add some TBS Maca Root to the mix and get the best of both worlds.  Not only do superlathers turn good soaps into great soaps, they also allow you to spice up your daily routine with new combinations and ideas.  Superlathering is fun, easy, and effective.  I use a superlather at least once a week and highly recommend the practice.

Today I felt like experimenting, so I made an interesting superlather for my shave.  I combined some Pyrate Cove Coconut soap and TBS Maca Root cream which resulted in a slick, creamy, awesome smelling lather.  It’s a nice earthy, sweet smelling lather that I really like.

A three pass wtg/xtg/atg shave using my Muhle/TGN synthetic brush to apply the lather and my Parker SRW with a Merkur Super blade to take it off resulted in a DFS with zero nicks and zero irritation.  I completed the shave with a cold water rinse and some T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel.  A great shave to start the week with.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Parker SRW
Blade: Merkur Super
Brush: Muhle/The Golden Nib synthetic
Soap: Superlather of Pyrate Cove Coconut and The Body Shop Maca Root
Post: Cold water rinse and T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel



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