Shave Of The Day (03 AUGUST 2013)

I’m always disapointed when a blade does not work well for me.  I do everything that I can to find a way to use every blade that I come across, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  Vintage Gillette Super Thin blades are some of my all time favorite double edge blades, but their modern counter parts have given me some poor shaves.  Luckily today I found a good combo.  The Gillette Old Type head and the modern Super Thin blades work beautifully together.  I was on the verge of abandoning these blades when I stumbled upon the magic combination that makes them shine.

I did a superlather of Provence Sante Green Tea and Local Pig shave cream, which worked out well.  I don’t like Provence Sante, but mixed with the Local Pig I get a thick, creamy lather with amazing skin care properties.  This is another example of persistance and experimentation paying off.

The brush is a reknotted Muhle HJM brush with a 20mm The Golden Nib synthetic knot.  I hated the boar knot that this brush came with.  It was too small, not at all soft, and it just did not perform, but I love the faux tortoise shell handle.  I removed the knot using steam and then spent a good hour with a dremel removing the plastic cup that held the knot in place.  Some clean up and epoxy created the perfect home for my new TGN synthetic knot.  The knot is not a soft as my Every Man Jack synthetic, but I like it.  Unlike the EMJ synthetic it is actually able to bowl lather, but it is far better as a face lathering brush.

I did a three pass wtg/atg/xtg shave followed by a copd water rinse and SAL Alum.  The results were a DFS with nice soft skin, zero nicks, and zero irritation.  I’m disappointed that the modern Super Thins aren’t as nice as the vintage Super Thins, but I am glad that I managed to find a razor that they work well in.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Gillette Old Type on a Gillette ball end Tech handle
Blade: Gillette Super Thin
Brush: Muhle HJM reknotted with a 20mm TGN synthetic knot
Soap: Superlather of Provence Sante Green Tea and Local pig
Post: Cood water rinse and SAL Alum


Product Links:

Provence Sante Green Tea:

Muhle HJM Faux Tortoise Boar Brush:

TGN Synthetic Knot:

SAL Alum:

Gillette Super Thin Blades:


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