First Use Of The Gillette Old Type Head And Shave Of The Day (16 July 2013)

So, I couldn’t resist the pull of new gear.  I ended up doing a mid day shave with the Old Type head on the Sik Bay handle.  I decided to do a PIF themed shave and only used gear that had been given to me or that I acquired for free.  The Gillette Old Type head (given to me by a member of The Shave Nook), the Sik Bay handle (which was thrown into an order from as a freebie), a Wilkinson-Sword blade (given to me by a member of The Shave Den), The Body Shop Maca Root shaving cream (given to me by my wife) and a Comoy/Vulfix 376S Super Badger brush (given to me by another member of The Shave Nook).

I did a three pass wtg/atg/xtg shave followed by a cold water rinse, which resulted in a DFS with zero nicks and mild irritation on my neck.  It took a little effort to get the angle right and I had to keep reminding myself to use the comb as a lather guide rather than a placement guide, but I eventually got it down.  Going against the grain was a little bit difficult because I kept trying to revert back to my usual DE angle, but that adjustment will come with practice.

This razor head has a reputation for aggressive shaves, with that fact plus the added bonus of never having used an open comb razor before I was feeling a little bit intimidated going into this shave, but it turned out well.  I do have to say that shaving with this razor feels less like shaving a typical DE razor and more like shaving with a Rolls Razor.  The angle and the aggressiveness are both fairly similar even though the blade on a Rolls Razor is a completely different creature.  I really enjoy using this razor and even think that the way lather slides between the open teeth is kind of cool.  My one complaint is that I had a much harder time judging how aggressive I could be, which resulted in a less than completely smooth neck and one or two patches of minor scruff on my jaw line.  I know that with a little practice I will get the ins and outs down.  In the mean time I will continue to work with this razor head and finish up by calling this a successful first open comb shave.

Pre: Hot Shower and warm water splash
Razor: Gillette Old Type/Sik Bay frankenrazor
Blade: Wilkinson-Sword
Brush: Comoy/Vulfix 376S Super Badger
Soap: TBS Maca Root shaving cream
Post: Cold water rinse



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