Product Review: Ginger’s Garden Soft Soap

I was one of the entrants in a recent contest held by Ginger’s Garden to help come up with a new descriptor for her soft shaving soap.  With a few brainstorming moments and some creative descriptions I managed to win a jar of Ginger’s soap in any scent that I wished!  Well, after a very short wait I have just received the soap in the mail this afternoon.  I will do a full review once I shave with it, but here are my initial impressions.

First off, Ginger’s Garden has some extremely fast shipping.  With the 4th of July slightly interrupting mail service I did not expect the soap to arrive until sometime next week.  I am always happier buying from a company with quick service, and Ginger’s Garden absolutely has fast service.  As to the actual soap, I chose the black raspberry vanilla scent and was very much looking forward to getting this.  I love the smell of raspberries and vanilla, so combining the two sounded like perfection in a bottle .

The jar that Ginger’s Garden Soft Soap comes in is a nice low profile 5oz. translucent jar with the Ginger’s Garden logo and soap name on the top and the ingredients list and maker’s info on the bottom.  My jar came with some white plastic tape wrapped around the lid (a nice touch that not all manufacturers consider) and a plastic cover underneath the lid to keep everything fresh and in place.  Upon opening the jar I noticed that the texture of the soap is fairly similar to Vitos Extra Super (one of my all time favorite soaps), it’s a bit harder than Vitos, but otherwise very similar.  The scent is somewhat subdued (which is to be expected with tallow soft soaps), but still very pleasant.  I have a hard time picking out the vanilla aspect from the initial sniff, but the overall scent is sweet and very raspberry smelling.

I did a quick test lather using my Comoy/Vulfix 376S Super badger brush and was blown away.  This soap is a somewhat thirsty soap, but lathers extremely easily.  In a very short time I had a thick, creamy lather built up that actually threatened to overflow my bowl.  The vanilla aspect seems to come out much more upon lathering and helps to produce an extremely pleasant scent that I really like.  I look forward to using this soap with my next shave and will report back as soon as I have a chance to test it out.  I expect to have nothing but praise for this soap and may even have to break down and buy a few jars of various scents (although, my wife may kill me for adding more products to my already vast collection).

Follow Up:
I shaved with the soap today and am happy to report that I managed a two pass wtg/atg DFS with zero irritation and zero nicks. The soap lathered just as easily as it did in my test lather and provided good protection and a good amount of slickness. I had no problems with the lather disappearing or thinning out and noticed some scent lingering post shave, but not a ton. This is an excellent soap and is well worth the $9.75 price tag.






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