Shave Of The Day (5 July 2013)

My skin is recovering from some rough shaves, so today I am taking it easy.  Yesterday I planned on taking a day off, but my family ended up having some plans pop up for the 4th of July, so I had to shave.  I did everything that I could to minimize the impact, but it was still an unpleasant experience.  I could skip today, but I have decided to take a different tack.  I’m going to smooth everything out before I take a day off.

For my razor I’m using my Gillette Flare Tip.  Normally I would go with my black handle Super Speed, but my wife has basically claimed it for herself, so the flare tip gets to take this one.  The flare tip is a good razor, gentle without being too mild.  I rarely use it because while it works well it feels like more of a tool than a toy.  It’s a business razor that I use when I need a quick shave or something simple.  Today it fills a need by allowing me to get my face squared away without having to worry about any possible issues.  I’ll be paring it with a Personna Platinum blade.  The Personna Platinum is a blade that I have only used once before, but it did an excellent job, so I’ll give it a go and see how it works on tender skin.

For soap I am returning to a favorite, a superlather of eShave White Tea shaving cream and Proraso White soap.  The two products are very good at providing a silky smooth shave with enormous amounts of skin care, which is exactly what I need today.  This is a well tested combo that I have zero doubts about.

The brush will be my #6 Turkish Horsehair.  It’s not a particularly soft brush, but it will produce the lather I need without any fuss.  I also like the continuity of the whole set up, it very much looks like what I would have used before getting into straight razors and before I began to experiment with all sorts of crazy combos.

I did my usual prep, a three pass with the grain/against the grain/across the grain shave, and finished up with a cold water rinse and an application of some SAL Alum.  The results were a BBS shave with zero nicks and zero irritation.  I could have stopped after the second pass and had a damn fine shave, but I wanted my skin to start off with a clean slate so I needed absolute smoothness.  The Personna Platinum performed above expectations, the superlather felt great and left my face and neck feeling soothed, and the flare tip kept everything nice and neat.  The alum took care of what tiny irritation began to rear its ugly head and left my skin silky smooth and redness free.  I really enjoyed this shave.  I liked it so much that I am considering sending my slightly beat up flare tip to The Razor Emporium to be replated in silver.  It’s a $55 job to replate what is, at best, a $20 razor, but it will add a few more decades to the life of the razor and give me a beautiful looking tool.  I bought the razor for $2 at a junk shop, so paying another $55 to get a nice looking razor that will outlast me may just be worth it…especially considering how well it does its job.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Gillette Flare Tip
Blade: Personna Platinum
Brush: #6 Turkish Horsehair
Soap: Superlather of eShave White Tea and Proraso White
Post: Cold water rinse and SAL Alum


Product Links:

Personna Platinum:–israeli-reds.html

Proraso White:

eShave White Tea:

#6 Turkish Horsehair Brush:

SAL Alum:

The Razor Emporium’s Razor Revamp Service:


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