Shave Of The Week Part Two (24 June 2013 – 30 June 2013)

This was my final Desert Island shave.  The final week of my month of Desert Island shaves, in which I remained loyal to one set up all week long.  It’s been an interesting experiment and I have learned that if you really want to get to know how a product performs then you have to live with it for a while and get to know its specifics from day to day.  Some items that I didn’t care for before this whole experiment turned out to be simply misunderstood.  Some products turned out to have some hidden weaknesses.  Mostly, my extended use of products basically just reinforced how I already dealt about each individual item.  I’ve enjoyed my time on the island, but it’s time to come home to the land of whim.  I may still spend some time with one set up or another, but now it will be because I want to, not because of the perameters of an experiment.

So, how did my final week turn out?

The Fromm hair shaper is a really great razor, I really enjoyed getting to know its ins and outs.  On the up side it has a longer blade, a good balance, and it looks interesting.  On the down side it is a little light, its short scales are more of a hinderence than a help, and its hair shaper blades cost significantly more than DE blades (approx. $0.60 – $1 each vs. $0.10 – $0.35 each).  The blades do seem to last longer than a typical half DE and with a larger cutting surface shaves are quicker, but at such a high relative price I’m not sure that they’re worth it as anything other than an occasional use item.  In spite of its costs, the Fromm does its job well and with a minimum of fuss.  I liked the razor enough to return to Sally’s Beauty Supply and pick up a Marianna hair shaper, which as it turns out, is identical to the Fromm in every way other than the color of the plastic used on the jimps and tang and the brand imprint on the scales.  I have a feeling that these two razors are made in the same factory and then just branded differently for different companies.

My RazoRock Napoleon’s Violet soap is, as always, a joy to use.  It lathers easily and quickly, provides excellent protection, and is fairly slick.  My one complaint is that it is relatively light in the skin care department.  After using this soap my skin is neither moist nor dry, which is a good thing, but it would be nice if there were some skin benefits.  I really enjoy the clean after scent that lingered following my shaves, but beyond that there wasn’t much of a scent to this soap.  Overall, this is a good middle of the road soap and I highly recommend it, or any of the RazoRock Linea Officina Artigiana line of soaps, to someone looking for their first real shaving soap.

The Vulfix 376S Super Badger performed as I expected.  It is soft and picks up product well, but it is also a bit floppy when loaded down and can create quite a mess.  This brush is perfect for bowl lathering, but can be a little difficult to control when face lathering.  I like the feel and weight of the brush and I enjoy using it…even if it does like to fling lather everywhere.

This last week has been a series of good shaves and I was quite happy with the results.  If I had to use this set up exclusively then I could, but it would get old fast.  In spite of their workhorse abilities, there was nothing particularly exciting about this combination of products.  This set up feels like a favorite pair of old shoes: comfortable and good for a weekend of lounging, but nothing you would want to wear on a night out.  I will likely pull this set up out every once in a while in the future, but I doubt that I will ever use it as extensively as I have this past week.


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