Shave Of The Week Part Two (17 June 2013 – 23 June 2013)

I finished out my week with my Union Cutlery 5/8 full hollow square point straight razor, Van Der Hagen Glycerin soap (in shave stick form), The Art of Shaving Fine Badger brush, and T.N. Dickinson With Hazel.  A few things struck me over the week in regards to this set up.  First, I hate the s,ell of witch hazel.  Even scenting it with essential oils or fragrance oils did little to diminish the awful smell…luckily it does not linger.  Second, shave sticks are awesome!  It’s so easy to run a stick of soap over your face and lather up.  No bowl, no messy puck, just a few quick swipes and some lathering.  I think I will be buying some shave stick containers rather than continuing to attempt to find suitable deodorant sticks to cannabalize.  Third, as much as I like traditional straight razors, I prefer disposable blade straight razors.  With DBSRs there is more customization available, less maintainance, less prep and clean up time, less cost, and just as much cool factor…and if you like the bigger blades, then hair shapers and Feather/Kai/CJB razors have them.

All in all, this week went well.  The VDH Glycerin shave stick worked beautifully, the Union Cutlery did what it does, the AoS brush is becoming a bit more bloomed and feels great.  I got good shaves all around and was happy, but it did take a bit longer than I like, now that I have become obsessed with DBSRs.  I’ll likely keep using my straights, but relegate them to the weekends when I have more time to devote to them.



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