My Latest Desert Island Experience

Last week’s desert island shave finished up well, I enjoyed my products and really felt sort of sad to be moving on to something else.  It’s always nice to find something that works really well.  I did replace my Union Cutlery straight razor with a Parker SRW, but other than that I stuck with all of the same gear.

This week I began with the Parker SRW, but switched to the Parker SR1 after the first day.  The Parker Disposable Blade Straight Razors (DBSRs) really do an amazing job and are quickly becoming my favorite razors.  The Parker SR1, in particular, is nice.  It has a slightly longer handle than the SRW and weighs a bit more as well, it also feels a bit more like a normal straight razor in the hand.  I used a superlather of Klar Kabinett soap and Kiss My Face Key Lime shaving cream.  The Klar I decided on for a couple of reasons.  The first reason is that the soap is being discontinued and it just seemed like a good time to use it.  The second reason is that this soap was given to me as a sample several months ago and I have yet to use it up, mostly because I just was not that impressed by it.  The KMF Key Lime I chose to pump up the Klar, I figured that the superior performance of the KMF would produce an excellent superlather and the nice lime scent would go well with the artificial rose scent of the Klar.  I’m sticking with my Comoy/Vulfix376S Super Badger brush, it is nice and soft and seems to excel at handling large amounts of lather.  For my blade I am using SuperMax Titanium, it is my favorite double edge blade and I never have any issues with it.  I’m also using The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Preshave Gel to help keep things nice and smooth and during the second day my SAL Alum came in, so I began using that as part of my post shave.

Today is the third day of this week’s desert island shave, I’ve chosen to do a run down of today’s shave because it does a good job of highlighting the highs and lows of the week so far.  I did my usual prep of a hot shower followed by a warm water splash and then applied a little bit of AoS Ocean Kelp Preshave Gel.  The gel smells nice and adds a little bit of slickness, but I actually prefer the preshave oil.  The gel is water soluble and seems to lose some of its effectiveness when my face is extremely wet.  I have chosen to face lather for a change of pace and have found that I have a slightly difficult time keeping my lather from splashing everywhere.  The Vulfix brush is a bit too floppy when it is really loaded down and although it does well with bowl lathering, when I try to get my lather worked up using just my face it gets a bit messy.  Beyond the mess, this superlather whips up quickly and easily and provides a nice slick and thick lather.  The Key Lime mostly overpowers the rose scent of the Klar Kabinett, but enough breaks through to make it an interesting combination.  I did a three pass with the grain/against the grain/across the grain shave followed by a cold water rinse and an application of alum.  The results were a baby butt smooth shave with no irritation, but my first ever nick while using a DBSR.  The nick occurred on my final pass and only happened because I managed to accidentally hit a mole.  The mole is nearly flush with my skin and rather small, so I rarely even notice it, but it is there and it made its self known.  Moles are vascular, so even though it was a tiny nick, it bled a lot.  A little pressure and some styptic easily stopped the bleeding.  The SAL Alum applied easily thanks to its rounded form and plastic base, it made my skin nice and tight and helped to keep my skin irritation free.  This shave is pretty typical of the rest of this week’s shaves–some issues, but mostly good.  I like the superlather of the two products well enough, but I won’t be sad to move on from them.  The Vulfix brush, while nice is starting to show its limitations.  Next week I will pick a different brush to take its place.  I can see myself using DBSRs exclusively if they continue to perform as well as they have been, I really like them and will probably be using them for the rest of the month.  Sometimes extended use of a product will make it shine, other times it will overstay its welcome, but it’s always nice to get a good feel for your gear rather than switching out every day, I highly suggest that every one gives “desert island” shaving a try every once in a while.  Just puck some gear that you like and stick with it for a week, the results just might surprise you.

Pre: Warm water splash and AoS Ocean Kelp Preshave Gel
Razor: Parker SR1
Blade: SuperMax Titanium
Brush: Comoy/Vulfix 376S Super Badger
Soap: Superlather of Klar Kabinett and Kiss My Face Key Lime
Post: Cold water rinse and SAL Alum


Product Links:

Parker SR1:

SuperMax Titanium:

Klar Kabinett:

KMF Key Lime:

Vulfix 376S Super Badger:

SAL Alum:

AoS Ocean Kelp Preshave Gel:


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