Shave Of The Day (21 May 2013)

I was rearranging my box-o-soaps when I happened to set two products together that I had never even considered combining.  It’s not that these two products were completely contradictory, it’s just that I had never thought of them as being in the same category.  Thanks to this accidental pairing I decided to try some new combinations out.  The first of these will be my accidental pairing, but I also plan to try out some other odd combinations i n the next few days as well.

First up is my razor, the P.H. Hahn 5/8 full hollow square point.  This is a pretty nifty old razor with an uncertain origin.  P.H. Hahn was an importer, active for only about eight years in the 1880s, who generally rebranded razors from Germany and then sold them in the US under his name. Just which German manufacturer actually made this particular razor is a complete mystery.   I like to speculate as to who may have made the razor, but to be honest it really doesn’t matter.  My brush will be my Omega 11137 boar brush.  The 11137 has a nice high loft with soft springy bristles that make it feel more like a midrange end badger than a midrange boar.  Whenever I anticipate a lot of lather I pull this brush out.  The combination of products will be a superlather of Vitos Extra Super soap and eShave White Tea shaving cream.  Vitos is an excellent tallow based soft Italian soap with extra glycerin added to make it super slick.  This soap is one of my standards and always produces a nice almond scented lather.  The eShave cream is a French made veggie based cream that smells fantastic and lathers easily, I normally combine it with Pre De Province soap and had never really considered pairing it with anything else.  I believe that these two products will work well together and will result in copious amounts of super slick, amazing scented lather.

Following my usual prep I performed a typical three pass with the grain/against the grain/ across the grain shave followed by a cold water rinse.  The results were a baby butt smooth shave with zero nicks and only mild irritation on my jaw line.  The superlather came out much better than expected, it was mountainous in volume and smelled amazing.  The Omega did its usual excellent job of reigning in all of that lather and the P.H. Hahn worked well to now down my scruff.  The Hahn is a bit harsh and could use a better polish to its edge, but until I get around to sending it out, that will have to wait.  For now, it does what I need it to do.  My skin was soft and smooth, but not quite as moist as I usually like.  I avoided an after shave because I like the scent of the soap so much, but I think next time I will have to finish up with something.  All in all an excellent result from a pairing that I would have never considered if fate had not stepped in.

Pre: Hot Shower and warm water splash
Razor: P.H. Hahn 5/8 full hollow
Brush: Omega 11137
Soap: A superlather of Vitos Extra Super and eShave White Tea
Post: Cold water rinse


Product Links:

Omega 11137:

Vitos Extra Super:

eShave White Tea:


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