Shave Of The Day (17 May 2013)

I decided to end the week on a high note.  Last night I went a little manic and honed up my Robeson ShurEdge 4/8 quarter hollow round point straight razor.  This razor is much more wedge like than the other razors that I have honed, so it took quite a while to get shave ready, but I eventually got it there.  This was my very first straight razor and I have never been able to use it properly, so today I will give it a go.

The little 4/8 razor is incredibly easy to strop and is nice and tight in its scales, so I was definitely looking forward to using it this morning.  I have done a little work to clean up the blade and to tighten the scales, but this razor was given to me in excellent condition and really needed very little to get it looking great.  I am using some Derby Normal shaving cream, partly because I have heard good things about it and partly because I purchased a tube about a month ago and have yet to use it even once.  Derby creams are ultra cheap and available from just about every online shaving vendor, but are not often discussed.  My Muhle brush has been sitting in its stand, patiently waiting for me to choose it again, so today I decided to throw it a bone.  I don’t particularly like the brush (mostly because its clipped ends will never soften), but it lathers well  and performs reliably, so it is my go to brush for evaluating new products.

Following my usual prep, I performed a two pass with the grain/against the grain shave and finished up with a cold water rinse and some Art Of Shaving Unscented After Shave.  The shave was excellent.  The Derby Normal cream lathered up thick and easily and seemed to be immune to poor water ratios.  The scent is a bit sharp and has a sort of pine/soapy smell, but is faint enough to not be overpowering.  The razor worked well, but did tug a little bit when going against the grain.  I am happy with its performance, but I may send it off for a professional honing just to see what it is truly capable of.  My passes gave me a damn fine shave with zero nicks and zero irritation, and the Derby cream left me with a nice powdery talc like feel to my skin.  My one complaint in regards to the Derby cream is that it did dry out my face a bit, but a quick application of AoS Unscented A/S took care of that issue.  This was a very good overall shave and I look forward to using this combination again in the future.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Robeson ShurEdge 4/8 quarter hollow
Brush: Muhle HJM 41-P-3H tortoise shell boar brush
Soap: Derby Normal shaving cream
Post: Cold water rinse and AoS Unscented A/S


Product Links:

Muhle HJM 41-P-3H tortoise she’ll boar brush:

Derby Normal:

The Art Of Shaving Unscented After Shave:


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