Shave Of The Day (14 May 2013)

I am pulling together some mental images to create a flash fiction piece about unrequited love, I hope to post a draft later today.  Until then, I’ll leave you folks with some thoughts on my latest shave…

I am returning, once again, to my 1880s P.H. Hahn 5/8 hollow ground straight razor.  I don’t know if it is due to the age of this razor, or its uncertain origins, or just because of its similarity to my Union Cutlery blade, but I want to love this razor and I want it to perform well.  Since I had such a good result with the shave from my Sterling 5/8, which was self honed, I decided to give the P.H. Hahn another crack at the lapping film.  I went to work using the same method that I used to hone the Sterling and ended up with a nice shiny edge that easily cut arm hair and passed the hanging hair test.  I had some high hopes for this razor now, so when I pulled it out today and stropped up the blade I decided to give myself the best possible base to work with in order to ensure a smooth shave.

I used a superlather of Pre De Provence soap and eShave White Tea shaving cream today.  I initially combined these two products because they are both French manufactured and because I had hopes that the eShave would pump up the PdP soap.  The two products ended up working amazingly together and easily surpassed my expectations, so I now regularly use them when looking for a great lather with excellent skin care abilities.  The PdP lathers well when using a drier than normal brush and the eShave explodes in lather no matter how it is handled, so with a little experimentation in regards to the water/soap ratio these two products create gigantic ammounts of pleasant smelling lather.  The two scents are fairly similar and compliment each other well, lingering faintly, but pleasantly after the shave.  I like the scent so much that I would gladly buy a cologne if it were made to smell like the combination of these two products.  Thanks to the shea butter in the PdP and excellent quality formula in the eShave, my skin always feels nice and smooth after using this superlather.  The eShave cream can be a bit pricey, but is often available much cheaper than its usual MSRP on eBay, so a little searching can often result in a great deal.

While I showered I soaked my trusty #6 Turkish Horsehair brush, which continues to perform well above its price range.  After jumpping out of the shower I splashed my face with warm water and went to work creating my superlather.  I did a three pass with the grain/against the grain/across the grain shave followed by a cold water rinse and a quick application of a blue gel ice pack to help bring down some mild razor burn.  The shave was fairly smooth and I had no difficulty with rough spots or areas in need of clean up.  I did end up with some irritation on my neck and lip, but took care of this with a quick pat down using a blue gel ice pack.  The razor worked much better than it did on my previous attempts and I am happy with the results, but it does make it apparent that I still need to work on both my shaving and honing techniques.  I see good things on the horizon and can’t wait to try another shave with this razor.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: P.H. Hahn 5/8 Full Hollow
Brush: #6 Turkish Horsehair Brush
Soap: Superlather of Pre De Provence and eShave White Tea
Post: Cold water rinse and blue gel ice pack



Product Links:

Pre De Provence:

eShave White Tea:

#6 Turkish Horsehair Brush:


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