Shave Of The Day (08 May 2013)

I decided to go basic today.  Every now and again I feel the need to set aside experiments and fancy ideas and just go with what absolutely works.  For today’s shave I pulled out my trusty Edwin Jagger DE86 and a Croma blade.  The DE86 was my first safety razor and is still the measuring stick that I used to judge all other razors by.  Very few razors surpass the Edwin Jagger in terms of function and only a few manage to equal it.  It is a nicely compact, yet heavy razor that does an excellent job with just about any blade.  The Croma Diamant blade is manufactured by Feintechnik,the same folks who produce the high end Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile.  The Croma is a fine blade that is much less harsh and much more forgiving than its sibling the Bolzano.  Cromas are a little difficult to find, but they are worth the effort and the price.  For my brush I am continuing with my #6 Turkish Horsehair.  It is an amazingly inexpensive little brush that would be a steal even if it cost five times as much as it does.  Once it is deodorized the #6 is a seriously impressive brush that is equally capable of bowl or face lathering and performs well even with the most stubborn of soaps.  Speaking of soap, today I am using my workhorse soap, the soap by which all other soaps are gauged: Vitos Extra Super.  Vitos Extra Super (A.K.A. Vitos Red) is an amazing tallow based soft Italian soap with extra glycerin added to give it a much slicker feel.  Vitos is easy to lather, has a pleasant almond scent, and provides an amazing surface for the razor to glide across.  It always leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and is a constant in my soap rotation.  I have a big jar, double filled, that I expect to last me for quite some time.

I took my shower while my brush soaked and then performed a two pass shave today, starting with a warm water splash and ending with a cold water rinse.  I considered using some after shave, not because I needed it, but because my skin felt so good that I thought it might add to the overall slickness.  In the end, I went without because I just didn’t want to mess with success  The shave was an easy with the grain/against the grain shave that was quite pleasant and resulted in a baby butt smooth finish.  I would never call this shave exciting or life altering, but if I had to live with only one set up, then this would be it.  It’s extremely comforting to know that you have a group of products that will always result in an excellent and effort free shave, it makes it easier to asses the abilities of other products and allows you to get a good shave even when you’re in a hurry.  For anyone looking to get into wet shaving, I highly recommend these products.

Razor: Edwin Jagger DE86
Blade: Croma Diamant
Brush: #6 Turkish Horsehair
Soap: Vitos Extra Super


Product Links:

Edwin Jagger DE86:

Croma Diamant:

Vitos Extra Super:

#6 Turkish Horsehair Brush:


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