Vintage Shave/Shave Of The Day (07 May 2013)

In honor of vintage week at one of my favorite forums, The Shave Den, I decided to pull my awesome old school Gillette Thin blade out of the Edwin Jagger DE86 razor and throw it into my Gillette black handle super speed.  The Gillette Thin is a new old stock carbon steel blade that is no longer in production, but can still be found new and in the package with a little hunting on eBay or shaving forums.  The Gillette black handle super speed is, likewise, an out of production razor which can easily be found for under $20 on eBay and is an excellent and mild shaver.  I do not own any vintage brushes, so the #6 Turkish Horsehair, purchased from, will have to do.  It has that old world feel to it and is as close to vintage as I can get.  The #6 is an excellent brush and costs just under $3, but can really only be found on, which is a site based out of Turkey.  The brush smells just awful when it is new, but some judicious use of pet shampoo and leaving the lather from some strongly scented shaving soaps on it for a few hours will help to eliminate the scent (it took me maybe two weeks of use to completely eliminate the scent). has excellent deals, but does take quite a while for shipments to arrive (think three to five weeks).  Seeing as I also do not currently have any vintage soaps, the Godrej shaving round is standing in for a vintage soap.  This Indian soap just feels right for the whole vintage theme and absolutely has a vintage sort of scent.  I debated between this soap and my De Vergulde Hand, but seeing as it has been a while since I last used the Godrej, it won out.

The Godrej shaving round has a very sharp and medicinal scent to it and I doubt that anyone would list it as their favorite smell, but in spite of it not being a pleasant scent it is also not an awful one.  I do not mind the smell, but I could see not wanting to use it if I were feeling sick.  The soap comes in a little plastic jar and is one of the smaller soaps that I have used, weighing in at only 50g (approx. 1.7oz.), but is also extremely inexpensive.  The Godrej lathers quickly and easily and is easy to apply, if you’re a newbie and looking for an easy, inexpensive soap to try out, then I would highly recommend this one.  The soap provides good cushion, but only OK glide, if I were to pair this up with a slick cream, like Karo Classic, for a superlather then I have no doubt that this soap would work exceptionally well.  I plan on using this in combination with Every Man Jack Sensitive as a sort of preshave cream next time.

I did my usual three pass shave followed by a cold water rinse and was rewarded with a damn fine shave (I was in a hurry to get my daughter clean and ready to go to the grandparents, so my neck did not come out perfectly).  The Gillette blade and razor proved to be a delight to use together and I find myself wishing even more that the Gillette Thin carbon blade was still in production.  My skin felt smooth and relatively soft, but definitely not softer than usual or particularly moist.  The Godrej did its job well, but does little to nothing for my skin.  The scent lingers a bit, but stays in the background and does not interfere too much.  Overall, a good shave that has the potential to be a great shave.  I will enjoy trying a few different things next time and hopefully be rewarded with a new inexpensive combination to add to my arsenal.

Razor: Gillette Black Handle Super Speed
Blade: NOS Gillette Thin (3rd shave)
Brush: Turkish Horsehair #6
Soap: Godrej Shaving Round


Product Links:

Godrej Shaving Round:
(This soap is also often available in two packs on eBay around $7 or $8.)

Turkish Horsehair #6 Brush:


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