Shave Of The Day (06 May 2013)

Today I decided to do something a little bit different.  I reached back and pulled out a product that I had abandoned without much of a trial, Every Man Jack Sensitive shaving cream.  I bought EMJ Sensitive when it was clearanced out at HEB a while back and only paid about $2 for a large 6.7oz. tube.  This stuff is available at many grocery stores and pharmacies for around $7, so I figured I was getting a good deal.  I took it home and tried to use it as I would any other shaving cream only to discover that it did not lather at all and basically just disappeared into my brush.  I immediately tossed it into a corner of my shaving gear drawer and forgot about it.  After reviewing the write up that I did for Billy Jealousy Hydroplane I decided to dig out my tube of EMJ Sensitive and give this stuff another go, this time using it as it was meant to be used–as a brushless shave cream.

I took my shower and afterward splashed some warm water on my face before massaging some EMJ Sensitive into my face and neck for my initial attempt.  The cream spread smoothly and had a pleasant, light scent to it that I had a hard time placing.  If I had to describe it as anything, I would call it a soapy vanilla scent.  I decided to go with my semi wedge straight, which I purchased in supposedly shave ready condition.  After a single pass on my left cheeck and neck I could feel the tugging and see redness popping up on my neck, so I wiped the razor down and set it aside for later honing.  My neck did not look too happy, so I decided to play it safe and pulled out my Edwin Jagger DE86.  I had a NOS Gillette Thin blade in there, on its second use, and was quite happy to give it another go.  The Gillette Thin may be the best blade that I have ever used, if all blades were like this one then the world would be a happier place. I rinsed off my face and neck and reapplied a thin coat of the EMJ Sensitive.  My first pass, with the grain, went smooth as silk and, much to my amazement, the redness on my neck even seemed to be disappearing.  I performed a second pass, this time against the grain, and marveled at how slick and smooth the razor felt sliding across my skin.  The redness on my neck was now entirely gone along with any remaining facial hair.  There was no point in performing a third pass, because after two I was left with a baby butt smooth shave, zero irritation, and zero nicks.  My skin felt silky smooth and had a nice pleasant light odor lingering on it.  I prefer traditional soaps and creams to brushless products, but EMJ Sensitive is truly a great cream worth mention.  It is the perfect solution for someone in a hurry or on the road and it’s an amazing product for anyone having issues with sensitivity or who needs something to help combat a lingering case of razor burn.  It has earned its self a permanent place in my collection.

I am constantly amazed by how great overlooked products can be.  If this cream had not been on sale I would never have given it a second look.  If I had not been going over a review of another product that I had initially written off then I would never have given Every Man Jack a second try.  Good products come in all sorts of different forms and it is always good to take a moment to try something that you might not have otherwise considered.  You never know what gems are out there waiting to be discovered.

Pre: Hot shower, warm water splash
Razor: Edwin Jagger DE86
Blade: New Old Stock Gillette Thin
Cream: Every Man Jack Sensitive
Post: Cold water rinse


Product Links:

Every Man Jack Sensitive:

This can also be purchased at CVS, Target, KMart, and Walgreen’s

Edwin Jagger DE86:


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