Billy Jealousy Hydroplane

It can be incredibly easy for me to pass by what I consider to be “pharmacy” products without giving them a second glance.  It’s not that  these products aren’t any good, it’s just that they are marketed at a different kind of shaver than me.  Brushless creams, oily after shaves, and multi blade cartridges just aren’t my thing.  Every once in a while a product comes along that makes me realize that greatness can be found anywhere, you just have to be willing to look.  Billy Jealousy Hydroplane is one of those products.  Below is an old review that I did upon my first use of this outstanding shave gel.  I decided, after yesterday’s lack luster shave that I would dust this review off and present it for you fine folks to consider.

The name Billy Jealousy conjures up an image of spiky haired douche bags sitting around in skin tight dragon emblazoned t-shirts.  It is not a product that, before today, I would have ever consider actually paying for, but I received a sample of this stuff along with my order of Proraso White from Men’s Direct and figured I would give it a try. As it turns out, I was so wrong about this product that it’s almost criminal.

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane works very well as a brushless gel/cream, it’s slicker than an Exxon oil spill and it smells really nice.  I had a hard time getting the amount correct (a little dab goes a long way and using too much will definitely clog up your razor), but once I worked it out I found it to be an excellent stand alone product.  As great as it is by its self, where Billy Jealousy Hydroplane shines is as a preshave (or maybe you could think of it as an odd superlather).  This stuff combined with Proraso White just gave me the best shave of my life.  It was so smooth that it was like shaving with silk.  The hair just fell off my face while my skin lounged back and let out a nice long sigh.  I loaded a Personna Lab blade into my Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable and went to town.  The first pass (with just the Hydroplane) was a really aggressive one, which ended in not even a single nick.  I really went at it with my razor (set on 8), but the Hydroplane just shrugged off my assault.  Because it’s lather free you would think that it would not be very protective, but the Hydroplane is so slick that it just will not allow the blade to gain purchase on the skin.  For the second and third passes I decided to use the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane as a sort of superlather.  I massaged it in before lathering up my Proraso White and lathering it on top.  The two products’ scents compliment each other very well and they combine to create one amazing shaving lather.  After the second pass I reapplied the Hydroplane and Proraso to complete a third pass.  The third pass was ostensibly to catch any stragglers, but mostly I just did it because I enjoyed the performance of the two products so much, I could have easily stopped after two passes and had a damn fine shave.  The razor flew across my face and left my skin feeling brand new.  After a cold water rinse I was left with a baby butt smooth shave and a new respect for a previously scoffed at product.  The results of my shave were so good that I couldn’t’ stop rubbing my face.

I have enough in my sample for a couple of shaves, but I will be ordering more.  An 8oz. bottle from Men’s Direct is $20 with free shipping or $16.25 from Amazon with free shipping, if you happen to have an Amazon Prime account.  It’s a little pricey and I normally wouldn’t pay that much for something like this, but I just can not argue with the results.  It makes me wonder what other products I have passed on simply because I wasn’t willing to look beyond their surface marketing.  I highly recommend giving this stuff a try.

Pre: Hot shower and warm water splash
Razor: Gillette Fat Boy (set on 8)
Blade: Personna “Lab” Blue
Brush: Muhle 41-P-3H Tortoise Shell Boar Brush
Soap: Billy Jealousy & Proraso White
Post: Cold water rinse


Product Links:

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane:

Proraso White:

Muhle HJM 41-P-3H Tortoise Shell Boar brush:

Personna “Lab” Blue:


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