Shave Of The Day (05 May 2013)

Pre: Hot shower, warm water splash, AoS Unscented Preshave Oil
Razor: P.H. Hahn 5/8 full hollow
Brush: VDH basic Boar
Soap: RazoRock Cumba Cheech
Post: Cold water rinse & AoS Unscented A/S balm

I purchased this P.H. Hahn 5/8 full hollow straight razor recently and was in a hurry to try it out, so I used it in spite of the fact that it still needs some work.  The blade is in excellent condition, but it does need to be honed.  With a quick run across my barber’s hone and balsa strop it did a serviceable job.  P.H. Hahn was an importer who was in business during the 1880s and then promptly disappeared, so this razor is from somewhere in between 1881-1890.  Hahn was like the Col. Conk of the 1880s in that all of his products were manufactured by others and then rebranded.  He mostly imported German razors, so I would guess that this one is no exception.  It has nice horn scales and I can see it being a favorite once I get it shined up and honed.

The Van Der Hagen brush did not agree with my choice of soap.  A poor lather that I had to work at was the sad result.  The brush is an excellent choice for hard soaps or for days when the stubble is heavy, but using it with underperforming soaps can be like using a sledge hammer to pound in  a tack.  I want to love the RazoRock La Famiglia line of soaps, but I just don’t.  I am much happier with RazoRock’s LOA line and should probably just stick with those.  The soap smells nice and left my skin fairly soft, but it was nothing spectacular.  I’ll try a superlather with some Karo Classic and a different brush next time.  The Art of Shaving unscented preshave oil did a fine job of making my face nice and slick and the unscented after shave balm is always nice when you just need something a little relaxing.  All in all, even with the Art of Shaving products performing well, it was a somewhat disappointing shave.  I have no irritation or nicks, but today’s shave also wasn’t all that close or all that enjoyable.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.

The photo isn’t all that great today either…sigh, I guess I’ll have to choose some awesome products tomorrow to make up for today.  Stay tuned.


Product Links:

AoS Unscented Preshave Oil:

AoS Unscented A/S Balm:

VDH Boar Brush:
(This is available in most grocery stores and pharmacies and can be purchased in the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set, which also comes with a puck of VDH Deluxe soap and a lather bowl.  The set is commonly available at WalMart or HEB for around $9.)

RazoRock Cumba Cheech:


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